FREE NFL Weekly Pick’em with prizes every week and a Grand Prize of $100 CASH at the end of the season

How to play/Rules:

1. Stop in and fill out your game picks or print it at home and stop in to drop it off. You can find a link to the print out each week on our website @
-Brackets are due NO later than the CLOSE of business 6:00pm every Thursday.
-If you turn your bracket in late on Friday or Saturday you will get an automatic -1pt for being late, canceling out whatever you may have guessed for Thursday’s game.
-Brackets must be filled out and turned in, in person. E-mailed copies or facebook posts will NOT count.
-Please make sure to put your First and Last name with DOB and phone # on all brackets turned in.
2.You can play however many weeks you want for each weeks prize but missing a week will hurt your chances of winning the Grand prize.
3. Limit one Bracket per person each week, must be at least 18 years old and the bracket MUST be turned in, in person.
4. The weekly winner will be released on Wednesday.
5. We will post the weekly prize each Monday on Facebook or you can always call or stop in to see what it will be that week.
6. The Grand prize will be the person with the most correct game picks overall by the end of the season. Just because you didn’t win a weekly prize doesn’t mean you might not win the overall Grand Prize. Playing every week will increase your chances of winning the Grand Prize tremendously.
7. If there is ever a tie the winner will be determined by the TOTAL points scored on Monday night’s game. You will fill this part out on the bottom of the bracket sheet.

Week #13 Prize 

Bronco Clock

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